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Safety Tips For Driving On Icy Roads

Driving on icy roads can be a very scary and nerve-wracking experience. When winter rain and snow accumulates, roads and highways can ice over during the night time and leave a treacherous path for commuters in the morning. Learning the safe tips of driving in icy conditions will help keep you and the drivers around you protected from accidents and harm. At Marietta Wrecker, safety is our number one priority. So we have compiled a list of safety tips for your winter commutes this holiday season.

Use these safety tips for driving on icy roads and highways


The number one rule of any inclement driving is to slow down and keep your vehicle below the speed limit. The quickest way to get into an accident on an icy road is by going too fast and losing control. If you have to travel in icy conditions, remember to stay focused and ride slow.

#2 Keep A Safe Distance From Other Vehicles

When driving in winter conditions, always keep at least three car lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you. Allowing ample time to react is crucial on an icy road. Giving a safe distance between the other driver will allow you to avoid accidents, slow to a stop before a collision, and help maintain a steady hand on the wheel as you travel.

#3 Never Slam On Your Brakes

Slamming on the brakes on an icy road will cause your car’s wheels to lock up and begin to spin out of control. Always use your brakes with a slow, pulsing motion. Feel the road’s give and take as you apply pressure to the brake pedal and finesse the vehicle to a safe stop.

#4 Keep Your Vehicle In A Low Gear

When driving on icy roads, use the lowest gear on your vehicle as you travel. The low gear shift setting will allow for more traction between your tire and the road and will help keep your vehicle grounded and secure as you drive.

#5 Do Not Pull Over For Other Vehicles

Helping others in need is always appreciated but stopping your vehicle to help someone else on icy roads can actually cause more harm than help. It is never safe to exit your vehicle on a busy road or highway and on ice that can exacerbate the problem. Keep to yourself and passengers when driving on ice and let the professionally trained DOT emergency response technicians handle accidents around you.

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