What is Emergency Roadside Service?

Emergency roadside service seems like a simple concept. Your car breaks down, gets a flat tire, blows a gasket, or overheats. You are stranded on the side of a major road or highway with cars whizzing by. You call for help and someone comes to fix your car. But emergency roadside service is much more [...]

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The Marietta Wrecker Monthly Auto Auction

Every month Marietta Wrecker holds a public auto auction for the motorcycles, cars, and trucks abandoned in our impound. On average, 60-70 vehicles are sold each month and new vehicles come into our possession every day. All vehicles are sold AS IS ABSOLUTE. This means that any fees, registration, tag, titles, or further processing for [...]

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Safety Tips For Driving In The Rain

Atlanta is experiencing one of its wettest winters in history. Rainfall is at an all time high and that means dangerous conditions for our busy streets and highways. Driving with safety in mind during rain will help keep you and the people around you safe while minimizing accidents and fender-benders. Over a ten year average, [...]

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5 Warning Signs That You Need New Tires

Your car’s tires are the steadfast soldiers trained to guard your car, your family, and your possessions while traveling. From your daily errands to those long road trips, tires do their job without complaining, no matter what the weather or the road conditions. You depend on your tires whenever you turn on the ignition and [...]

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Tow Truck Safety Tips For The Road & Georgia’s Move Over Law

In 2005, Georgia lawmakers and voters passed the Move Over Law. This law was created for the safety of drivers, passengers, and the subjects of an accident or stall on the highway when an emergency or towing vehicle became present in the emergency lanes. What Does the Georgia Move Over Law Mean? The Georgia Move [...]

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How to Survive (and Avoid) A Tire Blowout in 10 Steps

A wise man once said to always invest in things that stand between you and the ground. Some examples include decent shoes, good mattresses, and, of course, good tires. Your tires are what protect you and your car from the roadways. They are the link between your life and the ground. It’s crucial to keep [...]

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Winter Weather Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

Do you know what occupation has the highest number of fatalities per year? Truck drivers. According to a Newsweek Report, almost a thousand truck drivers lose their lives to work-related deaths each year. Moreover, winter weather plays a part in 40% of the accidents that occur during the winter months. The winter months are when motor [...]

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Tips to Avoid a Roadside Emergency this Holiday Season

There is nothing more disheartening and worrisome than car troubles while out on the open road or freeway during the holiday season. Blown tires, overheating, dead batteries, and general stalls can make a simple outing to the mall or a trip to see family members become dangerous and exhausting. The colder months bring even more [...]

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10 Fall Car Safety Tips to Follow

Fresh earthy aromas layering hints of sour apples and apple cider fill the air. This can only mean one thing: fall is officially here! The crisp, damp Autumn mornings filled with scarlet and yellow leaves sure do paint a pretty scene, but they also can present road dangers. In fact, wet leaves can actually be [...]

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Share This With Your Teens, It’s National Teen Driver Safety Week!

Share This With Your Teens, It’s National Teen Driver Safety Week! Parents, do you have a teen behind the wheel? Or is your teen planning to drive soon? There are roughly 13 million teen drivers in the United States. And on average, there are 9 teenagers, ages 16-19, that die in car accidents every day. [...]

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