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Heavy Equipment Transport

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    Heavy Equipment Transport

    Marietta Wrecker Service is a complete logistics company and is capable of hauling up to 105,000 lbs.

    At Marietta Wrecker Service, our heavy-duty machinery and equipment transport services provide equipment towing for any size and scope. Long haul towing of heavy-duty equipment and tools are safely and responsibly handled by our towing professionals.

    We understand that dependability is crucial when transporting any size equipment or tool. Having the guarantee that your item will arrive on-site with ease and assurance while knowing the job will be done right, is our mission.

    At Marietta Wrecker, we strive to provide the most streamlined commercial equipment towing solution for your equipment transporting needs.

    The advantage of using MWS for long haul equipment towing, commercial tool towing, and commercial transport is our ability to move anything as small as hand tools to as large as excavators, and everything in between. We have the fleet to easily handle the towing of large trucks and equipment, heavy machinery, RVs, rigs, and construction tools. Our towing professionals are trained to tow commercial construction vehicles, material handling equipment, and earth-moving equipment. In addition, we understand how to transport your commercial vehicles or machinery with the utmost care, satisfaction, and deliverable results.

    If you need help with heavy equipment towing, you need a reliable equipment transport company with the best fleet, track record, and customer-rated feedback. We can handle all your freight requirements! Call Marietta Wrecker at 770-282-9250 to ensure you’re working with the best long haul equipment towing company.

    We tow the following machinery and heavy equipment:

    Earth Moving Equipment, including
    • Excavators
    • Loaders
    • Skid Steer Loaders
    • Motor Graders
    • Crawler Loader
    • Backhoe
    • Bull Dozers
    • Trenchers
    • Motor Scrappers
    • Wheeled Loading Shovels
    Construction Equipment, including
    • Tunneling and Handling Equipment
    • Road Rollers
    • Concrete Mixers
    • Road Making Machines
    • Stone Crushers
    • Pavers
    • Spraying and Plastering Machines
    • Heavy Duty Pumps
    Construction Vehicles, including
    • Dumpers
    • Tankers
    • Tippers
    • Trailers
    Material Handling Equipment, including
    • Cranes
    • Conveyors
    • Forklifts
    • Hoists

    Light Duty/Vehicle Towing:

    Medium/Heavy Duty Towing:
    (770) 767-0540

    Emergency Roadside Service:
    (770) 765-1933

    Equipment Transport:

    Private Trespass Towing:

    Vehicle Impound Release:
    (770) 765-1941