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New Year’s Vehicle Safety Checklist

Take a deep breath, you made it through the holidays. The new year is here and your resolutions should be in full effect. But what about your vehicle safety checklist? Atlantans spend so much time in our cars, but we often neglect their parts and fluids that keep them running smoothly and safely for us. A quick checkup of your vehicle could be the difference between thousands of dollars in repairs or serious injuries from an accident and the top of a new year is the perfect time for a thorough inspection.

Vehicle Safety Checklist For Any Car Owner

#1 Check The Age of Your Tires

Tires are the guardians of our vehicles and keep us (literally) grounded to the road during travel. But over time, tires will wear down and lose the tread, grip, and function that keeps us safe on the asphalt. Check all four tires on your car and look for worn-down tread, interior exposure, holes, cracks, and rips. For a detailed checklist, see our blog on tire replacement.

#2 Maintain the Proper Tire Pressure

Like the tread of your tires, air pressure also helps to provide a safe and smooth ride in our cars. Each tire brand and size has a designated PSI number that should be met and maintained. Colder weather will deflate your tires and a quick trip to the gas station can keep your tire’s air pressure at the correct levels.

#3 New Wiper Blades

For a minimal cost, your wiper blades can be replaced and installed by you. Wiper blades deteriorate over time and can cause harsh streaking on the glass, and hindered visibility in rain and snow. Your vehicle’s owner manual will have the proper specifications for your wiper blades and new ones can be obtained at any auto parts store or online.

#4 Head Lights and Tail Lights

Your vehicle’s lights are crucial for proper visibility and caution from other drivers. One blown tail light can lead to an accident in seconds. Inspect all lights on the car including your turn signals. Having a bulb out will also gain you hefty traffic citations. Vehicle bulb replacement is very inexpensive and in some cases can be completed without a service visit.

#5 Monitor Fluid Levels

Your vehicle contains many departments that require fluids to run and maintain. Your engine’s oil needs to be at proper levels and changed out every 3000-10,000 miles depending on the type of oil and vehicle. Brake fluid, transmission fluid, engine coolant, and washer fluid all should be checked and kept at the measured levels.

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