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Do you need heavy equipment or material moved indoors or outdoors? We can help. Marietta Wrecker operates a rotator crane, which is used as a heavy-duty tow truck as well as a recovery crane. This multipurpose piece of equipment can lift and recover casualties from side-to-side, disparate from a standard crane, which can only lift vertically. A rotating crane allows for precise equipment transport to move material between indoor and outdoor facilities.

At Marietta Wrecker Service, our equipment and fleet can lift and transport heavy objects either indoors or outdoors.

The Marietta Wrecker rotating crane has a boom that can lift 100,000 lbs (retracted and 25,000 lbs extended. The boom can expand out to 20 feet and has a 360-degree rotation.

Why are Rotator Cranes Important?

There are many uses for a rotating crane, or rotator:

  • Heavy Duty Towing – A rotator is one of the heaviest and largest trucks available. The rotator features a crane-like arm that can rotate 360 degrees. They are commonly used in accidents that involve heavy vehicles such as larger trucks and tractor trailers. At Statewide Wrecker, our model can lift up to 50 tons.
  • Difficult Position – With interstates and highways becoming more slick or icy, it is common for accidents to end up a hill or down an embankment. These situations are perfect for a rotator since they are used to tow vehicles from places difficult to reach. Our rotator arm can extend 20 feet in the air and rotate 360 degrees for any situation.
  • Recovery- Heavy recovery on interstate highways can be difficult. Rotators are highly beneficial because they can rotate. The crane requires less space to work and can get cars back on the road safely and efficiently. Our team has handled many messes on the surrounding Atlanta highways.
  • Enhanced Reach: Many rotators come with extendable booms that can reach much further than traditional cranes. This feature is particularly useful in complex rescue operations where the equipment needs to be reached over ditches, embankments, or other obstacles.
  • Reduced Need for Additional Equipment: Because of their versatility and strength, rotating cranes can often do the job of several machines, reducing the need for additional equipment on-site. This not only saves time and money but also reduces the logistical complexity of having multiple machines and operators on site.
  • Specialized Applications: In industries like construction, mining, and manufacturing, rotating cranes are essential for installing or removing heavy machinery. They are also vital in the transport and logistics sectors for loading and unloading heavy containers and other cargo.
  • Emergency Response: For emergency services, rotators are invaluable. They can quickly clear heavy debris following accidents or natural disasters, aiding in rescue operations and allowing quicker access to emergency personnel and aid to those in need.

In addition to crane-type lifting, our rotator can handle vehicle recovery, generator and compressor placement, trailer stacking and unstacking, machinery lifting/placing, construction equipment recovery, construction lifting and winching, emergency service support, and heavy equipment lifting. If you have a heavy job, the rotator can take the weight. So when you need professional rotator services, call Statewide Wrecker! We can do the heavy lifting for you.

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