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Reclaim Your Vehicle


If your vehicle was impounded by the police department or by a property owner due to being illegally parked, the following is important information for you to reclaim your vehicle. Please refer to the following directions below to properly reclaim your vehicle.


To contact by phone please call


Charges will include a towing fee, an administration fee, and a daily storage fee. We accept CASH only.

Marietta Wrecker Service will follow all requirements set forth by the police department.

  • We reserve the right to limit the number of people on the lot.
  • In order to inquire about a vehicle, you will need to know your Vehicle Identification Number.
  • In order to view and/or pick up a vehicle, a valid Driver’s License is required.
  • Prior to having access to your vehicle, you MAY need a police release.
  • You will NOT be allowed to go to the vehicle for ANY reason if it has a HOLD or needs a police release.
  • In order to get the police release you will need to contact one of the following bureaus:

Cobb County Police Department:

MWS Socials


The police department that requested a vehicle to be towed by Marietta Wrecker Service has different requirements for pick up of the vehicle and/or access to the vehicle.

Deviations from protocol will not be allowed.


If you have any questions or concerns with the directions to reclaim your vehicle, contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

Light Duty/Vehicle Towing:

Medium/Heavy Duty Towing:
(770) 767-0540

Emergency Roadside Service:
(770) 765-1933

Equipment Transport:

Private Trespass Towing:

Vehicle Impound Release:
(770) 765-1941