A Safe Driving Checklist For Holiday Travel

The holiday season is here again and that means plenty of pumpkin pies, roasted turkeys, spiral hams, and of course, congested highways and streets. November and December are two of the most highly traveled months in the United States with over 100 million people traveling 50miles or more. It is important to prepare for holiday [...]

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Fall Driving Tips To Keep You Safe

The heat has finally subsided and the leaves have begun to change colors. Fall in Georgia is finally here and with it comes new hazards on our roads and highways. Safe driving is a year-round practice and different seasons bring different obstacles to be aware of. It is important to learn about the road hazards [...]

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Join Marietta Wrecker Service In The Fight Against Ovarian Cancer

September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month and millions across the country will wear teal to support the cause and help battle this deadly disease. The American Cancer Society states that in 2019, over 22,000 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer and nearly 14,000 will lose their battle. This cancer ranks fifth in total [...]

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Safe Driving Tips For Highway Travel

Millions of drivers traverse the highway systems in the state of Georgia each year. Highways offer efficient and clear travel paths to get from city to city, but they are can also be much more dangerous than smaller roads due to the allowed speed limits, large 18 wheelers, congestion, and weather. Keeping safe and driving [...]

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How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

As vehicles and their engines advance, the timeframe for oil checkups and changes are becoming a little more complicated. Older cars that run on conventional oils need to be changed much more frequently than newer ones that run on synthetic oil. The engines themselves are becoming more efficient, cleaner, and are able to exert more [...]

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What Is Hydroplaning & How To Avoid It

Atlanta's rainy summers cause a lot more than lush green growth. Our roads become dangerous surfaces and chances of hydroplaning occur much more frequently.  When the rain meets the hot and heavily traveled Atlanta streets, grease and oil mix with the water to form a slick and invisible surface that is treacherous to our vehicle's [...]

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The Dangers Of Texting & Driving In Georgia

In July of 2018, Georgia passed the Hands-Free Law. This law banned anyone operating a motor vehicle from using their cell phones without a hands-free or Bluetooth connection. Drivers are not allowed to be holding their phones or even having them touching their person while driving. This law is another step in the right direction [...]

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What is Emergency Roadside Service?

Emergency roadside service seems like a simple concept. Your car breaks down, gets a flat tire, blows a gasket, or overheats. You are stranded on the side of a major road or highway with cars whizzing by. You call for help and someone comes to fix your car. But emergency roadside service is much more [...]

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The Marietta Wrecker Monthly Auto Auction

Every month Marietta Wrecker holds a public auto auction for the motorcycles, cars, and trucks abandoned in our impound. On average, 60-70 vehicles are sold each month and new vehicles come into our possession every day. All vehicles are sold AS IS ABSOLUTE. This means that any fees, registration, tag, titles, or further processing for [...]

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