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Why Is My Car Overheating?

All vehicles house a cooling system that keeps your engine and its components running at the proper temperature and prevents them from overheating. But many factors can still lead to your car overheating and can quickly find you stranded on the side of the road. Hot Atlanta summer days add to the problem as your vehicle is exerting even more effort to run cool and maintain balanced engine maintenance.

What causes your car to overheat?

#1 CoolantAdding Coolant To Your Car | Marietta Wrecker Service

The coolant in your vehicle is the key to keeping your car’s temperature at the proper level. Your coolant needs to be at the proper fill levels to function and checking your coolant tank is the first place to start with an overheated car. Other issues can arise with a coolant blockage, a coolant leak, and the pump for the coolant becoming clogged or broken. In very cold temperatures, coolant systems can also freeze in certain areas, cutting off the coolant circulation to your engine. Check your coolant levels often and make sure fresh coolant is added to your car during regular checkups.

#2 Motor Oil

The motor oil in your car helps lubricate the engine’s moving parts and keeps friction and heat from building up to high-temperature levels. If your car’s oil is low or dirty, it will not be able to perform these functions, thus causing the car to overheat. Maintain the proper oil levels and ensure that your vehicle’s oil is changed on its regular maintenance schedule. Read more about oil here.

#3 Radiator FanRadiator Fan | Marietta Wrecker Service

Your vehicle has a fan that regulates the engine’s temperature and runs when needed to cool off the components. If your radiator fan becomes damaged or encounters electrical issues, it will not run at the desired speed and frequency or even not turn on at all. If you feel your radiator fan is malfunctioning, have a trained service mechanic inspect your vehicle.

#4 ThermostatBroken Engine Thermostat | Marietta Wrecker Service

Your car also has a thermostat which is the brain behind when your coolant system needs to kick in and alter the engine’s temperature. Your dashboard will have a visual of this thermostat to show you where your vehicle’s temp is currently sitting. If your thermostat is damaged, it will not be able to communicate with the coolant system and this will then cause overheating.

If you find your car overheating while driving, pull over and turn off the engine. The vehicle needs time to cool before any work or inspection can be made. NEVER ever open the radiator cap on your engine while it is hot or overheated. The pressure can cause danger to you and your vehicle. Call a tow service to come safely transport your car to a mechanic shop and have it evaluated by a professional.

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