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How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

As vehicles and their engines advance, the timeframe for oil checkups and changes are becoming a little more complicated. Older cars that run on conventional oils need to be changed much more frequently than newer ones that run on synthetic oil. The engines themselves are becoming more efficient, cleaner, and are able to exert more power without as much effort. All of these plays into your oil’s lifespan as well. So how often should you change your oil?

Before synthetic oil arrived, we used to have to change our vehicle’s oil a lot more frequently. So what is the difference between synthetic and conventional oil?Motor Oil On Gears | Marietta Wrecker Service

Both conventional and synthetic oils are made for the lubrication of vehicle engines. They help reduce friction and lessen the wear and tear on all of the moving parts for your engine. They also help cool the engine by transferring heat away from the moveable engine components.

Where they differ is in their makeup. Conventional oil is created from crude oil while synthetic oil also has man-made elements added to it. Synthetic oil lasts longer, gives better lubrication, and creates less friction. Synthetic oil also cost considerably more than conventional oil but the overtime savings in vehicle maintenance makes up for it.

When to change conventional oil:

Conventional oil is recommended to be changed every 3000-5000 or every 3-6 month’s miles depending on the make and age of your vehicle.

When to change synthetic oil:

Synthetic oil can last up to 7500-10,000 miles depending on the age and make of your car. Most newer vehicles only need their synthetic oil changed once a year.

DIY Oil Changing DIY Oil Change | Marietta Wrecker Service

Changing your motor oil yourself is not out of reach. With the proper tools, a level workspace, and some elbow grease, changing your oil at home can be easily achieved. It is a messy job and one that requires the correct steps and knowledge of your vehicles inner-workings. If you are uncomfortable with var mechanics you should always use a professional service technician for your vehicle’s ongoing maintenance.

What happens if I do not change my oil?

Not maintaining a regular oil change in your vehicle can result in many serious issues from worn down parts, overheating engines, frequent replacement of components, and most of all, a failed engine that must be completely replaced. These issues can cost thousands and thousands of dollars, far more than the average oil change.

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