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The Marietta Wrecker Monthly Auto Auction

Every month Marietta Wrecker holds a public auto auction for the motorcycles, cars, and trucks abandoned in our impound. On average, 60-70 vehicles are sold each month and new vehicles come into our possession every day.

All vehicles are sold AS IS ABSOLUTE. This means that any fees, registration, tag, titles, or further processing for the vehicle are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Marietta Wrecker does NOT offer refunds of any sort.

The next Marietta Wrecker auction will be held on April 11th at 11 am. Vehicles can be previewed on Wednesday, April 10th from 9:00a-5:00p.

950 Allgood Road Marietta, GA 30062

Here are some tips for scoring a great deal at any auto auction:

#1 Know your cars (Or bring a gearhead along with you)

Never go into an auto auction if you have zero knowledge about automobiles and their upkeep and needs. The vehicles found at auctions are abandoned for some reason or another and there are many factors that each specific automobile brings along with it. Know what you are bidding on or bring someone who does.

#2 Be prepared for additional money being spent on repairs

Most vehicles in a live auction will have some issue if not many. These are automobiles that were in a wreck, stolen, damaged, looted, and worse. So be ready to shell out some extra dollars for repairs and fixes once you get your automobile home.

#3 Do some research with the VIN number

Each month, we list the available automobiles with their VIN (vehicle identification number). You can look up any vehicle’s history and accident details with sites like Knowing as much about a potential vehicle will help you make the right bids and keep you from buying a lemon you do not want.

Auto auctions are an exciting and fun way to get behind the wheel of a new car and can save you thousands of dollars if you are prepared and willing to bid in the trenches. We offer a preview session of the vehicles the day before each auction and encourage potential buyers to come and walk our lot to get a feel for all that will be available.

Visit our Auction page to learn more and see this month’s list of available vehicles for sale and to be added to our Auction Mailing notification list please click here.

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