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Preparing Your Vehicle For The Colder Months Ahead

Being in a rush is no fun in the mornings, but being in a hurry in the freezing cold with a car that won’t start is definitely no fun. How can you possibly prevent that from happening this fall and winter? Today, Marietta Wrecker Service will share a few vehicle maintenance tips on preparing your vehicle for colder months. We also will give advice on what you can keep in your car in case of an emergency! As always, we are here to assist you. If you are near Marietta, GA, google “towing service near me”, and find us ready and happy to help.

Cold Weather Prep | Marietta Wrecker

Vehicle Maintenance Tips For The Cold Weather Ahead

Check Your Fluids

It is very common for oil to thicken up due to the significant drop in temperature. Heavier oil is not as effective and can cause damage to your vehicle, so be sure you’re choosing the right kind of oil to prepare for the winter. Even if you think it might not get that freezing where you live, it is better to be cautious in potentially choosing to get a winter-grade oil. How do you know which oil to choose? One vehicle maintenance tip is to look at the oil bottles and notice the “W”, which actually means winter. For example, if the bottle said 10W-40, the 10 is describing the viscosity of the oil (thickness). Since the ideal oil in the winter time is thin consistency, you want an oil with a low number. This will help coat the insides of your engine and run smoothly. Two good options for you would be a 5W-30 or 0-W30 oil, but it is always best to read your owner’s manual to know the specifics of your vehicle. 

Be sure to check other fluids like your windshield wiper fluids since your car will get dirty quickly in the water with the mix of dirt and slush. Also, it is important to check the antifreeze in your vehicle. This will help your engine tremendously through the cold weather as it will help regulate your engine. 

Check Your Battery

You may be noticing your car is taking longer to start than normal, or maybe even your headlights are dimmer than usual, these may be signs of needing a new battery. If you do not have it inspected, the cold weather could be the last straw for it. Along with cold weather possibly being the cause of your dead battery, an old battery or leaving your car idle can kill it too. However, you can always call Marietta Wrecker for our towing and roadside services. Our experienced mechanics are accessible and can provide maintenance for you through any emergency.

Consider Winter Tires

Winter tires are one of the first things you may consider when thinking of the freezing cold temperatures coming quickly. Winter tires are specifically designed for prolonged winter conditions such as snow, ice, and slush on the roads. They have deeper tread depths than regular tires, so it improves the amount of traction in the snow. This helps prevent hydroplaning by pumping water through the tread. This is one of the most important vehicle maintenance tips if you are expected to receive a lot of snow this winter in your town. Our towing company has experience in towing vehicles that have hydroplaned due to not having proper traction on their tires. Make sure this isn’t you this winter!

Cold Weather Prep | Marietta Wrecker

Create An Emergency Kit

As we have mentioned many vehicle maintenance tips, this is one you can simply keep in your car in case you need it. Why is it important to create an emergency kit? If you have ever been stranded in your car during a bad storm, you will know how significant it is to be as prepared as possible. In fact, in January of this year, drivers in Virginia were stranded due to a winter storm for more than a day. The interstate was mostly blocked due to disabled trucks blocking the way. With no access to food or water, it was up to them to have a kit in their car. Below is a list of items you can pack in your emergency kit:

  • Nonperishable foods, bottled water, first aid kit, medications, books, scarves, blankets, sleeping bag, flashlight, and plenty more helpful items. This list is simply suggestions of what you may need in an emergency situation. If you are stuck in snowy conditions, don’t leave your car unless you have to. Call a towing company near you for help with the situation. If you are near Marietta or around metro Atlanta, call Marietta Wrecker Service. You can find out more information about our services with emergency assistance by reading HERE
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Need Towing or Roadside Assistance?

In the case of your vehicle not starting, getting into an accident, or even being stranded in a winter storm, be sure to call us for help. Our towing company, Marietta Wrecker Service will quickly assess your problem and send help to you no matter the time. 

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