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Step-By-Step Process To Jump Start A Vehicle

Have you ever experienced a dead battery? Many things can cause a battery to die and not start a vehicle. From leaving an internal light on to years of usage, a dead battery is something no one wants to deal with. As a vehicle owner, it is inevitable that you will need to jump-start your vehicle at some point. You will need to use another car or a powerful jump start battery pack to get your vehicle up and running. While some people find the process confusing it is actually fairly simple. Here, Marietta Wrecker Service breaks down the step-by-step process of jump-starting your car and getting back on the road.

Step 1) Determine the Battery Location

The first thing you need to do is locate which side of the car your battery is located on. Unlatch the hood and look to see where your battery is places. This needs to be done for not only the car needing to be jumped but also the car that is going to be doing the jumping.

STEP 2) Position the CarS

Next, correctly position the car that is providing the jump. This is very important as it will ensure that your jumper cables reach easily. It is recommended that you park the vehicle close enough where the jumper cables can comfortably reach both vehicles’ batteries. Secure the hoods of both of the vehicles so they will not close on accident.

STEP 3) Check For Leaks or Other Visible Damage

Before you connect the jumper cables, make sure that there are no visible leaks or other damage to the battery or engine. Hydrogen gas coming from the battery or engine can be very dangerous because it is flammable. If you find a leak or damage, it is advised that you contact a towing service to tow your vehicle to a local auto shop.

STEP 4) Connect the Cables TO The JUMP VEhicle

Connect the positive (+) red clamp of the jumper cable to the red post on the battery of the car providing the jump first. Next, connect the negative (-) black cable to the battery’s black post. While you are connecting the clamps, make sure that they do not come in contact with each other. When this happens you may see a spark and has a high potential for electrocution.

STEP 5) Connect the Cables to Your Battery

Once the jump car is connected, take both red and black clamps to their respective posts on the battery of your dead vehicle. You can also connect the black jumper cable to your vehicle’s engine instead of the battery post. In fact, it is a safer option as it may reduce the likelihood of a spark being produced around the battery.

STEP 6) Start the Vehicle Providing the Jump

Start the vehicle providing the jump and run the vehicle for roughly 5-10 minutes in order to allow your dead battery to get charged. It is even recommended to press on a gas lightly to get some electricity flowing between batteries.

STEP 7) Start Your Vehicle

Once the jump vehicle has been running for roughly 5-10 mins, simply turn your key in your ignition. If the car starts, then proceed to the next step. If the car fails to start, take the key out of the ignition to the dead car and let it gain more charge over time.

STEP 8) Remove Jumper Cables

Remove the black jumper cable from the vehicle providing the jump and then remove the red jumper cable. Now remove both clamps in the same order from your vehicle.

Step 9) Let Your Vehicle Run For Awhile

Once your car is running again it is recommended to let your vehicle run for a while to let the battery charge back up. If you find that your car is dying over and over then you need to drive to an auto shop ASAP and get a new battery.

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