Reasons Why A Towing Company Will Tow You

There are many reasons why your car might be towed by a towing company, and many people may not even be aware of specific towing regulations. With so many situations in which your car could get towed, do you know how to make sure that doesn’t happen? What if your car breaks down on the highway at night? Do you know how to get a tow truck when you need it? Here, Marietta Wrecker Service discusses some of the main reasons why your vehicle might be towed.

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Top Reasons Your Car Was Towed

Vehicle Break Down

If your car breaks down on the road and you decide to leave it there, you’ll come back to find an orange sticker on your windshield. You’ve been reported for blocking traffic, and your vehicle has been towed away by the police or a private company hired by the city. It is always better to contact your towing service if you break down. 

No Insurance Or License

If you’ve been pulled over by law enforcement and see that your license is suspended or expired, they’ll have no choice but to tow your car away and have it impounded until you pay the fines associated with it.

Blocking an Entrance

If there’s a construction site nearby where work has been going on for weeks, they won’t be too happy if someone parks their vehicle in front of their entrance gate. This includes fire hydrants and driveways and garages where people park their cars when they go inside their homes or office buildings.

Blocking a Fire Hydrant

Fire hydrants are designed to provide water to firefighters if they need it during an emergency. They’re also used by firefighters when they’re training or testing their skills if there is an actual emergency requiring their services. If you park in front of a fire hydrant, it could prevent firefighters from using it during an emergency and lead to injury or death of those around them and damage to property. In addition, doing this is illegal in most areas and could result in fines if caught by police officers or city officials.

Car Accident

If you are involved in an accident, and your vehicle is blocking traffic, or if it has been damaged, it will be towed. Parked In a Handicapped Zone

Parked In a Handicapped Zone

If you park your car in an area designated for handicapped persons, you can expect to get towed. This is because the law requires that these spaces be kept clear for those who need them.

Expired Parking Meter

Parking meters help control the number of times cars can stay parked in certain areas. If the meter expires and no one has come to pay it by the time the tow truck arrives, your vehicle will be taken away. Be sure to check surrounding signs for the towing company that removed your vehicle.

Construction Area

Construction areas not only need to be kept clear for traffic but also for construction workers as well as equipment. If your car is parked there, it could cause serious harm to people or property if left unattended.

Driving Under The Influence

Driving under the influence (DUI) is illegal and dangerous. If you are pulled over while driving drunk and refuse a breathalyzer test at the police station, your vehicle will be towed away by a towing company and impounded until your case goes through court proceedings. 

No Parking Zone

This is the most common reason why your car may have been towed. If you park in a no-parking zone, such as on a footpath, making it difficult for pedestrians to move through or around the area, your car will be towed away.

Parking On Private Property

Private property owners can tow any vehicle parked on their property if the car is parked in a way that interferes with normal business operations or poses a safety hazard. The property owner must post signs that say “No Trespassing” or “No Parking,” and the signs must be visible from every entrance to the property. If you park on private property without permission, you risk having your vehicle towed by a towing company at the owner’s expense.

Wrong Direction/Wrong Side of the Road

Driving against traffic or in a direction that isn’t allowed by law. For example, you cannot drive on the right side of the road on a one-way street, even if few or no signs are posted. You also cannot drive against traffic on any road with two or more lanes moving in one direction — even if it looks like there’s enough room for another car to get around you.

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