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How To Care For Your Vehicle In The Summer

Summer is here again! While the warm weather is inviting for you and your family, it can also be destructive to your car if proper care isn’t taken. Vehicles must receive maintenance, and they are not indestructible. Often, especially now, people forgo “luxury purchases” for what is viewed as essential. Cars are essential to driving, but maintenance may be put off until it is too late, and you will need emergency roadside assistance. Summer passes quickly, so ensure you’re taking full advantage of this beautiful time by taking a few minutes each month to check your vehicle. Below are some simple tips that will allow you to care for your vehicle this summer thoroughly. If you need assistance, search for towing company near me, and Marietta Wrecker Service can help.

care for your vehicle

Coolant System 

The coolant system is an essential part of your car’s engine, and if it starts to leak, there could be serious consequences for you and your passengers. Check your coolant levels regularly throughout the year and ensure they’re topped off when needed. You can also get a cooling system flush if you feel like it’s time for a checkup. Be sure to ask about it next time you get your oil changed.

Engine Belt

When you start your vehicle in the morning, listen for any loud noises underneath the hood. If you hear one, stop immediately and call a tow truck before anything else happens. A broken engine belt can cause significant damage if left unattended for too long — so don’t wait until it’s too late!


Make sure they are not worn out before each trip and change them every six months if they work fine; otherwise, once a year should also be acceptable.

Other Essential Fluids

The most important thing to remember when preparing your vehicle for summer is to check all fluids. This includes oil, antifreeze, and windshield wiper fluid. If you fail to do this, you could end up stranded on the road in the middle of nowhere with no way of getting home. You must also check your battery and tires before heading out into the heat because these items are prone to failure in hot temperatures.

Air-Conditioning System

The air conditioning system is one of the essential parts of any car, but it requires special attention during hot weather. Check to ensure no leaks in hoses or lines and provide enough refrigerant in your system if you have an older model car that uses R-12 refrigerant instead of R-134a refrigerant. This information can be found in your owner’s manual.


Air filters can get clogged up from dust particles that blow in from outside through open windows or doors while driving on dirt roads or dusty streets. Ensure you regularly check your air filter for debris and clean it out if necessary before continuing your trip.


When it comes to tires, there are a few things you can do to keep them working correctly. First, check the air pressure in your tires regularly (every month or so). Also, check them for any bulges or flat spots that could indicate a problem with the tire. If you see any of these issues, make sure you get them fixed before they get worse!

Dashboard Sunshade

Do you know those annoying glare marks on your windshield? Those can be caused by sunlight reflecting off other surfaces like buildings or nearby signs. Try using a dashboard sunshade to prevent these marks from showing up on your windshield. They can also keep your car from getting extremely hot during the Summer. They’re inexpensive and easy to install! Click HERE to shop them on Amazon.

Clean Your Car

The first thing you should do to care for your vehicle is clean it. It’s a great way to make sure that it looks good and helps prevent any damage caused by pollen or other debris that may be stuck on the surface of your vehicle. You can use a damp cloth or a special cleaning product designed specifically for cars.

Oil and Filter Change

Your engine needs fresh oil so that it can run smoothly. When a motor is hot, it produces more friction than when it’s cold. The oil acts as a lubricant by reducing friction between moving parts in the engine. If oil isn’t changed regularly, it can contaminate dirt, debris, and metal shavings from other engine parts. As this happens, its ability to protect those moving parts is compromised. That’s why changing your oil every three months or 3,000 miles — whichever comes first — is essential during the summer months.

care for your vehicle

Marietta Wrecker Service

You have finally finished cleaning your vehicle and are now waiting for someone to tell you that it is time to enjoy a nice ride. You’ve done a great job by yourself. By following the steps above, you have free yourself from paying for a professional car wash or a mechanic who does not know how to clean your car. Now, start your engine and enjoy that new car smell. Marietta Wrecker Service can provide roadside assistance if you find yourself in need of help.