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May Is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May is motorcycle safety awareness month and with over 100,000 motorcycle injuries and over 5,000 motorcycle fatalities per year in the United States, motorcycles can be very dangerous on our roads and highways. Learning proper safety while riding a motorcycle or while driving in proximity to one, will help keep all involved away from harm and unneeded accidents.

Learn these important tips for motorcycle safety

#1 Wear a Helmet

This goes without saying, but wearing a helmet is your first defense while riding a motorcycle. The head is one of the most critical parts of our bodies and keeping it protected with a helmet is a must. Protective eyewear or a visor on your helmet is also recommended.

#2 Protect your body

You have a helmet, now you need to get the rest of your body protected. Wearing leather jackets, heavy cloth pants, riding boots, non-slip soles, gloves, and another motorcycle protective gear will help minimize injuries, cuts, and bruises if you fall off or are in an accident.

#3 Obey the traffic laws

Being on a motorcycle does not mean you have different rules than cars and trucks. Bobbing and weaving in traffic or taking the emergency lanes or riding between lanes in gridlocks only brings upon more dangerous scenarios and accidents. Follow the rules just as you would in a car or other vehicle.

#4 Keep a sharp eye

Around 60% of motorcycle-related accidents are caused by the driver in the car or vehicle. When riding on a motorcycle, you must drive defensively and always be on the lookout for oncoming cars and accidents. You can see them better than they can see you.

For those driving in a car near a motorcycle on the road, remember to keep a safe distance. Braking quickly and colliding with a motorcycle driver is always worse for them than you. Motorcycles are exposed without any protection for the driver and we all need to drive safe and share the road on our buys travels.

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