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Safe Driving Tips On Georgia’s Highways

Georgia has some of the busiest highways systems in the country with metropolitan Atlanta, trucking routes, and the gateway to Florida for tourists. Millions of drivers traverse the state’s highways and freeways each year and knowing the safe driving tips while you are traveling will help keep you, your loved ones, and those around you safe and out of harm’s way. Marietta Wrecker Service is here for you when stranded, broken down, or in an accident and always puts safety first for our customers.

5 Safe Driving Tips For Highway Travel

#1 Buckle Up

Wearing your seatbelt while driving is the law in Georgia and must be observed at all times. Moreover, there is no higher safety measure than the protection of your seat belt when faced with an accident. Make sure everyone in your vehicle is properly strapped in and secure before you hit the open roads.

#2 Move Over Law

When you are traveling on the highway, it is imperative that you move over for all emergency vehicles, patrol vehicles, and active accidents in the emergency lanes. Georgia’s move over law enforces this to keep the responders, yourself, and others safe during an incident.

#3 Hands On The Wheel

Georgia also enforces a hands-free law for all drivers. Keeping your hands firmly on the wheel and avoiding distractions will help keep you focused and alert when driving on the highway. All smart devices should be put away and ignored during any driving in the state of Georgia.

#4 Let Others Pass

While driving on the highway, it is recommended to always stay in the right lanes and let others pass that are traveling faster than you. Left lanes should be left clear for moving around other cars.

#5 Watch Your Speed

Maintaining the proper speed while on the GA highway system will help avoid accidents and make it easier for sudden situations that arise in front and around you. Speeding will not only endanger you and others on the road but is punishable by hefty traffic violation fines and even revocation of your license.

With the holidays right around the corner and fewer people traveling by air, safe driving on the highway is more important than ever. Remember to always follow the law and contact Marietta Wrecker when in need.

Roadside Assistance & Towing Services In Georgia

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