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Atlanta Towing Service & Roadside Assistance

Since 1974, our mission is to provide timely, efficient, and affordable towing services and roadside assistance in a professional manner. At MWS, we understand that every minute counts. We provide 24/7 towing service for motorists, emergency roadside assistance, long haul trucking, equipment transport, class A towing, and more. We’re the tow company that has your back! Our competitive advantage is that we can haul up to 105,000 lbs. That’s almost 3 whale sharks!

In search of a professional and reliable Atlanta towing service? Residents of Atlanta are no strangers to humidity, traffic, or getting “GPS lost” throughout the city because there are over fifty-five streets named after “Peachtree”. Home to the busiest airport in the world, Atlanta was the only city in North America destroyed in the war, receiving the symbol of the Phoenix as a result to represent the rebirth of the city. call us today for Atlanta towing service.

Car towing
Light duty towing
Heavy duty towing
Emergency roadside assistance: lockout service, tire change, and jump starts
Mobile Maintenance

Atlanta Commercial Towing & Mobile Maintenance

Marietta Wrecker Service provides outstanding commercial towing services in Atlanta, specializing in Class A towing, equipment towing, and rotating crane towing. Our services include but are not limited to, towing, rollovers, winch outs, pull starts, load shifts, trailer shifts, equipment transport, and multi-vehicle transport.

Atlanta Private Trespass Towing

Illegally parked vehicle on private property in Atlanta? We tow vehicles that are improperly parked or trespassing on private property in Atlanta, at the request of the property owner or the authorized agent, absent of prior consent or authorization of the owner or operator of the vehicle. If a vehicle is improperly or illegally parked on your private property in Atlanta, call Marietta Wrecker Service at (770) 765-1941.

The Importance of Atlanta Towing Services


  • Breakdown in a dangerous location: If your car breaks down on a busy highway, at night, or in bad weather, it can be dangerous to stay on the side of the road. A towing service can quickly and safely remove your vehicle from harm’s way.
  • Accident recovery: After an accident, your car may be inoperable and blocking traffic. A tow truck can remove your vehicle to allow emergency services access and prevent further accidents.


  • Quick assistance: When your car breaks down, you don’t want to wait for hours for help. Towing services typically offer fast response times, so you can get back on the road or to a safe location as soon as possible.
  • Peace of mind: Dealing with a car breakdown can be stressful. A towing service can take the hassle out of the situation by handling the transportation of your vehicle and potentially offering additional roadside assistance like jump starts or flat tire changes.
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Marietta Wrecker Service provides emergency towing to the metro Atlanta area, and our on-call fleet of tow trucks and service vehicles guarantee a prompt response.