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Private Property Towing

Private Property Towing Service

Do you need unauthorized or abandoned vehicles removed from your property?

We specialize in prompt vehicle removal to assure the safety and accessibility of your business. Private trespass towing or non-consensual towing is the act of towing vehicles improperly parked or trespassing on private property, at the request of the property owner or their authorized agent, without prior consent or authorization of the owner or operator of the vehicle. Marietta Wrecker is required to have a contract with the property owner. The contract must be signed by the owner or an authorized agent for the property owner. Signs must be posted for at least 24 hours before any trespassing vehicles can be removed from the property.

Private Property Impound Law (PDF)

List of Permitted Wrecker Services, Georgia Department of Public Safety

Light Duty/Vehicle Towing:

Medium/Heavy Duty Towing:
(770) 767-0540

Emergency Roadside Service:
(770) 765-1933

Equipment Transport:

Private Trespass Towing:

Vehicle Impound Release:
(770) 765-1941