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Commercial and Impound Towing Services

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Do you have an abandoned or illegally parked vehicle on your commercial property that needs to be towed?

If you need towing of illegally parked cars on your commercial property, call Marietta Wrecker Service for reliable 24/7 tow service in Marietta and Atlanta. We are an impound towing company with commercial towing services ranging from shopping centers to apartment complexes and beyond. We offer business and retail towing services 24/7 to remove illegally parked or abandoned vehicles, as well as recovering inoperable company vehicles.

Tow Illegal Car Parked on Commercial Property

Do you have an illegal car parked on your commercial property that you need towed? Marietta Wrecker Service can help out your business by towing unauthorized or abandoned vehicles that may be taking up space for actual customers. Don’t lose potential customers and business from cars that are wrongfully parked. It would be unfortunate to lose a sale or upset prospective customers because they could not find a parking spot at your business.

All impound towing is performed in strict compliance to Georgia towing laws, and all vehicles are stored within our secured impound lot. We strive to create a smooth process from the time we arrive at your property to later working with vehicle owners; we work to turn a problem situation into a seamless solution. Business and retail towing customers hire us because we respond fast and they enjoy working with our friendly and experienced staff.

We recognize that our performance reflects upon your business and that is why we ensure the professional appearance and service that you expect and deserve. MWS is an excellent choice for your metro Atlanta and surrounding area business and retail towing needs. If any of your customers or employees have car trouble at your business, you can call us for reliable tow and roadside assistance service. Learn more about our Private Trespass Towing Services.